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Combinación De La Habana

Farándula Tropical
Import CD (Cuba Music Records 540264), Released 2011;
Produced by Jose Luis Rivero
Editor's Pick:
Combinacion de La Habana comes back with a revelation of Cuban timba, their latest and much-anticipated 2011 album: “Farandula Tropical”.
The brand new, production from Combinacion holds 10 awesome tracks, most of them composed by the genius director and pianist Gerson Valdez (Bebo’s nephew and second cousin of Chucho Valdes)... Combinacion is enjoying a massive wave of Cuban dancers’ esteem, the kind of appreciation of the sold-out kind, which puts the band among the greatest Cuban timba orchestras of the moment.
“Farandula Tropical” sees the involvement of a remarkable Tirso Duarte in the song “Ajustate el cinturon”, surely one of the hits, together with “Asì soy yo”, “Farandula Tropical”, “No se como decirte que te quiero”, “Las mujeres de la actualidad”. Songs that have already a big success such as “Ponte pa la pelicula” and “La Discrecion”, which have been revealed in the live concerts, finally get to the audience, optimized in this new record production... (label, 2012-01-11)
Song titles include:
Ajustate el cinturon (Ft. Tirso Duarte)
Asì soy yo
Farandula Tropical
No se come decirte que te quiero
El PilloTon
Ponte pa la pelicula
Ajustate el cinturon (remix)
Las mujeres de la actualidad
La Moda (Bonus Track)
El Pillo (Bonus Track)
Musicians include:
Gerson Emilio Valdez Director Musical
Azaél Diaz Bajo
Eduardo Rey Leiva Bateria, Timbal
Eugenio Rodriguez Cantante, Piano
Ransés Tolón Trompeta
Leonel Medina Trompeta 2
Reiner Rodriguez Trombón
Lázaro Medero Tumbadores
Ricardo Alberti Cantante
Julian Oscar Tapia Cantante, Gûiro
Yurisley Gómez Cantante
Category: Salsa/Son => Timba => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24659.10 CD $15.98


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