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La Misma Gente

Pasado Y Presente: 30 Aniversario 2-CD Set
Import CD (Global/Fuentes 62230), Released 2011;
Editor's Pick:
The esteemed Colombian salsa band is back, and armed with with an excellent concept. What they've done is offer us a two cd package, disk one containing superb renditions of their greatest hits, while disk two has completely new material that has never before been released. Jorge Herrera, leader and timbalero, formed the band in 1978. They released their first album in 1986, and, soon, with tracks like Juanita Ae, they found themselves catipulted them onto the worldwide salsa stage, gaining hard-core fans all along the way. Pasado y Presente is a major work in celebration of their over 30 years as one of Colombias most beloved salsa orchestras. Other hits from disk one are "Hasta Que Llegaste," "Titico," "Perfume De París," the killer "No Hay Carretera." Some of the new tracks of note are "Te Amaré," "La Boda De Juanita," "Hey, Charlie," "Fuego," and the sizzler "Cachumbambe." All first class dance material with the superb vocalists Rey Calderon and Nelson Morales. Make no mistake, La Misa Gente are back, and they are better than ever. Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2012-03-14)
Song titles include:
Hasta Que Llegaste
Muñeco De Papel
Llegó El Final
Tú Y Yo
Juanita Ae
La Historia Del Niños Dios
Perfume De París
La Chica De Chicago
No Hay Carretera
Caro Carolina
Disc 2
Te Amaré
Esa Mirada
La Boda De Juanita
Hey, Charlie
Nunca Llorar, Nunca Sufrir
Al Que Critique
Musicians include:
Jorge Herrera Productor Musical, Arreglos, Timbales
Sarli K. Delgado Baby Bass, Bajo Eléctricio
Carlos Gálvez "Piolín", Santiago Osorio, Diego Arias "Ratón", Angy Estrada Piano, Piano Eléctricio
Rey Calderon Vocal
Nelson Morales Vocal
Ariel Vivas, Felipes Vivas Violin
Felipe Martinez Cello
Juan Pablo Rentería Órgano en "La Historia Del Niño Dios"
Juan Manuel Murillo Congas
Jorge Pérez Congas
Reinero Escobar Congas
Luis Vélez "Petato" Bongó y Campana
Larry Joseph Tambores Batá en "Festival"
Carlos Guerrero Maracas y Güiro
Diego Giraldo "Cachorro" Trompetas 1, 2 y 3, Sólo en "Esa Mirada"
José Aguirre Trompetas 1,2 y 3
Carlos Latoche Trombones
Álex Zapata Trombón en "Hasta Que Llegaste"
Octavio Arredondo Coros
And More
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa Colombia => Colombia
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24713.10 CD $16.98


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