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Boricua Legends

Cadencia, Ricura Y Sabor
CD (MKE 2012), Released 2012;
Produced by Pedro (Pucho) Segundo
Editor's Pick:
Best of 2012 Award Winner

Now for something really special. This powerhouse salsa session from Puerto Rico features some potent original compositions, as well as stellar interpretations of tunes by the likes of Tite Curet, Ñico Saquito, Roberto Anglero, and Pedro Flores. The band is led by percussionist Pedro "Pocholo" Segundo (Big 3 Palladium Orchestra, Jimmy Bosch, Madera Fina, Mario Ortiz, Jr., All Star Band etc.) and includes the esteemed pianist, arranger, musical director Gilberto "Pulpo" Colón Jr., who played for Rafi Val's La Diferente, Kako's All Stars and Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez, and, for sixteen years, was the pianist and arranger for Héctor Lavoe's orchestra. Ruben Rodriguez is featured here on bass, and timbalero supreme Endel Dueño is in the house. Conguero Eric Velez, one of our finest percussionists, is part of the band, as is sax and flute plater Al Acosta. And the singers are all heavies: Osvaldo Roman, Luisito Ayala, Jorge Maldonado, and Rey Bayona. This is the real deal, and I urge you to pop this one in your arsenal. A big DJ Alert and Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2012-05-30)
Song titles include:
Las Leyendas Boricuas - Luisito Ayala 5:33
Soy Profesional - Jorge Maldonado 4:50
Orgullosa - Osvaldo Roman 6:01
No Me Odies - Jorge Maldonado 6:16
La Humanidad - Luisito Ayala 4:13
Soy Boricua - Rey Bayona 5:58
Ritmo Alagre - Luisito Ayala 8:01
No Quiero Llanto - Jorge Maldonado 5:26
Rompe Saraguey - Osvaldo Roman 6:50
Arrebatadora - Rey Bayona 4:11
Musicians include:
Pedro (Pocholo) Segundo Congas, Bongo y Maracas
Eric Veléz Congas
Al Acosta Coro, Sax Tenor y Flauta
Hector (Tito) Rodriguéz Trompeta y Coro
Rubén Rodriguéz, Jr. Contrabajo y Bajo Guitarra
Gilberto Colón, Jr. (El Pulpo) Piano
Osvaldo Román, Jorge Maldonado y Rey Bayona Soneros Invitad
Hector L. Aponte Coro
Jorge Maldonado y Luis Blasini Coro y Percusión Menor
Edwin Goméz Coro y Bongo
Carlos (Carly) Maldonado Congas
Endel Dueńo La Enciclopedia Del Timbal Timbal
Carla Virola Segundo Voz en "Soy Boricua"
Luisito Ayala
Jorge Maldonado
Osvaldo Roman
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa => Puerto Rico
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24801.10 CD $13.98


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