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Cheo Feliciano & Ruben Blades

Eba Say Ajá
CD (Ariel Rivas Music 8255), Released 2012;
Editor's Pick:
Best of 2012 Award Winner

Boom! The elder statesmen of salsa, Rubén Blades and José "Cheo" Feliciano, have joined forces on a remarkable new salsa release that is the culmination of their over forty years of friendship and professional association. The two shining stars of the Fania legacy are serious about getting you to dance, and if anyone knows how to get the job done right, it's these two guys. This is a smokin' vibes-based project that reminds me, at times, of the great Louie Ramirez at his peak. The session features some superb talent: Luis Marin (piano, vibes), Felipe Fournier and Raul Rodriguez (vibes), Charlie Sierra (timbales, bongo), William "Cachiro" Thompson and Georgie Padilla (congas), Louie Garcia (tres), Pedro Pérez (bass) and others. Coro? We have Darvel Garcia, Wichi Camacho, Chegüi Ramos and Primi Cruz.
Produced by Ariel Rivas, the album is dedicated to the memory of Pedro Arroyo, a legendary radio programmer and founder of the musical celebration "Dia Nacional De La Salsa" in Puerto Rico.
Don't just sit there, folks, get this one fast. It's a gem that conjures the spirit of salsa auténtica at its very best. From pumped up dance numbers like Nina to smoldering floor burners like Lo Bueno Ya Viene, this is a wall-to-wall treat. A big DJ alert and Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2012-05-31)
Song titles include:
De Aquí Pa Allá
Franquenza Cruel
Inodoro Pérez
Juana Mayo
Lo Bueno Ya Viene
Los Entierros
Busca Lo Tuyo
Si Te Dicen
Sin Tu Cariño
Musicians include:
Luis Marín Piano y vibes
Felipe Fournier Vibes
Raul Rodríguez Vibes
Charlie Sierra Timbales, bongó, percusión menor
Richard Carrasco Bongó
Albert Machuca Bongó
William "Cachiro" Thompson Congas
Georgie Padilla Congas
Louis Garcia Tres
Pedro Pérez Bajo
Darvel Garcia Coro
Wichi Camacho Coro
Chegüi Ramos Coro
Primi Cruz Coro
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24802.10 CD $13.98


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