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Various Artists

Skanish Sound: Jamaican Influenced Music From Spain, 1964-1972
Import CD (Vampi Soul 142CD), Released 2012;
Editor's Pick:
The first extensive compilation of Jamaican-influenced music in Spain from the 60s and early 70s. A unique and fascinating part of the Spanish music scene of that period. Includes covers of Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, Bruce Ruffin, The Pioneers, Millie Small… Most tracks reissued for the first time...
...What we have here is a captivating collection of tracks (mainly covers but also a few originals) which mix the enthusiasm and fascination of musicians who were captivated by the sounds coming originally from Jamaica. At times the results they achieved fit within the expected sounds of the genre, but sometimes their efforts produced a mixture, whether intentionally or due to better intentions than skill, which gave Jamaican music a uniquely Spanish character. (label, 2012-06-29)
Song titles include:
Mi chico bombón (Los Antifaces)
Dulce Guillermo (Los Antifaces)
Ska jamaiquino (Los Blues de España)
Qué familia más original (Los Telstars)
Operación sol (Francisco Heredero)
Te puedes ir en paz (Los de la Torre)
Sr López (Los Novax)
Baby, bésame (Los 80 Centavos)
Rudi enamorado (Jorge Querol con Los Go-Go)
Buena suerte (Las 4 Monedas)
Adiós a Jamaica (Los Payos)
Marilena (Los Stop)
Herido (Albert Band)
Un día de invierno (Palito Ortega)
Scaba badi bidu (Los Mismos)
Te quiero ver bailar (Las 4 Monedas)
Cuando digas sí (Los Catinos)
Gente loca (Los Mismos)
Category: World Latin => World Latin => Spain
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24835.10 CD $18.98


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