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Nelson Manuel Y La Corte

Bailalo Con Mi Salsa
Import CD (Cuba Music Records 540332), Released 2012;
Produced by Yusbel Cotrina Gutiérrez
Editor's Pick:
The new production presents 11 tracks, energetic, danceable and catchy. “La Cosita”, the opening track and promo single, is already on-air at Cuban radio stations with immediate success. Other potential hits to look out for are “La Dura”, “24x24”, “Lola Que Bola”, and “Movendo el Esquelito”, where Nelson Manuel is able to skillfully move with ease among salsa, timba and merengue, reaching, as well, for the limits of reggaeton.
This excellent album brings back “La Salsa de Cuba” as bonus track, has proven authentic success within the last few months, carrying even further the sound of Nelson y La Corte with the special guests Alexander Abreu and Mayco D’Alma. “Bailalo con Mi Salsa” ultimately elevates Nelson Manuel y La Corte as one of the best orchestras exporting the best salsa and timba made in Cuba! Check it out! (label, 2012-07-16)
Song titles include:
La Cosita 4:02
Moviendo El Esqueleto 4:38
Que Reoja 3:58
24 X 24 4:56
Fallaste 4:33
La Dura 3:57
Lola, Que Bola 4:53
No Dejo De Pensar En Ti 3:35
Yo Soy El Que Soy 4:04
La Noticia 4:51
La Salsa De Cuba (Feat. A. Abreu Y Mayco) 4:34
Musicians include:
Nelson Manuel Cotrina Gutiérrez Director y Cantante
Giselle Cotrina Hernández Cantante
Alexander La Barreré Celestrin Cantante
Joanny Salgado Cordero Piano
Jerson Stuart López Teclado
Jailen Salgado Cordero Bajo
Yuniel Miguel López Torralbas Tumbadoras
Dariel Pérez Pérez Batería
Rodolfo Cardoso Gonzales Trompeta
Yosbel Salabarria Nápoles Trompeta
Yoandra Rojas Abreu Trombón
Carlos Manuel Díaz Páez Trombón
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24847.10 CD $14.98


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