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Los Afroins

Goza La Salsa: Roy - El Conde - Lucho
Import CD (Archivo Music 234019), Released 1975;
Editor's Pick:
Best of 2012 Award Winner

Wow, what a *great* introduction to a totally heavily swingin' '70s salsa and boogaloo orchestra from Colombia. This is amazing and rare material, with excellent sound for vintage recordings. The Afroins, whose success was helped by the assistance of the great Alfredo Linares, "El Inca", is one band you need to know about. This one, folks is a MUST-HAVE for any collector of real-deal salsa. Do not just sit there... GET THIS ONE NOW! Oomph! Big DJ Alert. Very Highly Recommended!
Some info from the excellent liners...
In the early 70's emerged, in Medellin (Colombia), a musical group that was dedicated to the salsa genre, achieving international recognition in a short time. The group was conceived by the directives of a record company called "Industria nacional del sonido", known by its initials "INS" The emerging group was called LOS AFROINS, curious name, that became from linking two words: Afro, from the rhythms they interpret and INS stands for the record company.One of the albums that gave the AFROINS its most prestige was "GOZA LA SALSA", which included ten songs played brilliantly by Roy Betancourt and Lucho Puerto Rico, under the direction and arrangements of Augustn "El Conde" Martinez, known and respected musician in the art scene of Colombia. Titles to remember in this production: "La masacre", "El bombon", "Una maana" (from Oscar Ochoa), "No sufras mas" (signed by Luis E. Mosquer), "Alejada" (authored by Dario and Roy) and five of unsurpassed quality. This phonogram was published in 1975. It also had great international recognition, a production that met with the suggestive title of "A GOZAR SALSOMANOS" which was published in 1973 or 74 and in which participated Alfredito Linares, very recognized Peruvian musician, who was responsible for production and implementation of the piano. From this point out, we highlight hits such as "Aprietala", "El nazareo", "Cuidate," "Concierto para una sola voz" and "Orgullosa." Singer: Lucho Puerto Rico. This extensive album was recorded INS, but it was also published by "Fonovisa"... Americana de discos " label of Medellin, also released a hits compilation, from that "salsa brava" of the 70's in an album titled "EL PODER DE LA SALSA - VOLUME 5", which included some songs from LOS AFROINS and Lucho Puerto Rico. It was such the success for LOS AFROINS, that another Colombian label (Discos Fuentes) encharged Julio Ernesto Estrada "Fruko", to organize a group that will overcome this, and thus was born "Afrosound." (BP, 2012-07-16)
Song titles include:
Nazareno - H. Williams
Afroinspiración - Luis E. Mosquera
Virgen De La Cueva - D.R. De A.
Conga E - D.R. De A.
Cuídate - E. Mosquera D. Posso
Orgullosa - Pedro Flórez
Sabrosón - D.R. De A.
Apriétala - D.R. De A.
Guayabo, Pellizco Y Pata - D.R. De A. E. Mosquera
Concierto Para Una Sola Voz - D.R. De A.
La Masacre - D.R. De A.
Salsa Al Pindín - D.R. De A.
El Bombón - Benjamín Y Roy
Puerto Rico Power - Luis E. Mosquera
Una Mañana - Oscar Ochoa
Matusa - D.R. De A.
Está De Bala - D.R. De A.
El Boga - Oscar Ochoa
No Sufras Más - Luis E. Mosquera
Alejada - Darío Y Roy
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa Colombia => Colombia
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24848.10 CD $15.98


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