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Duo Contrastes

Son Trova
CD (Julio/Duo Contrastes 86028), Released 2012;
Produced by Julito Martinez & Juan Carlos Valladares
Arranged by Julito Martinez & Juan Carlos Valladares
Editor's Pick:
This beautiful son Cubano and trova project features singer-guitarrists Julito Martinez and Jorge Maury. Look out for guest singers Monica Sierra, Francisco Cespedes (Pancho), Willy Chirino, and Frank Delgado. Also with trumpeter Carlos Puig and Grupo Tiempo Al Tiempo. The project includes compositions by Sindo Garay, Ñico Saquito, Oscar Hernández, Rosendo Ruiz, Rafael Hernandez, Ignacio Piñeiro and others. This is a gem-like, soulful, and understated project that has been getting a lot of play here. It's lovely. Pop this one on and be transported to a place of tranquility and harmony. Not a bad place to be. Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2012-08-01)
Song titles include:
La Alondra 3:11
Adios Compay Gato 3:33
Ella Y Yo 4:38
Mercedes 3:10
Mi Pobre Corazón 5:38
Quijotes De La Habana 4:46
Perfume De Gardenias 2:34
Boleros De Victrola 4:47
Verónica 5:06
Sobre Una Tumba Una Rumba 5:16
La Bella Cubana 5:50
Musicians include:
Julito Martinez Voz, Guitarra, Tres, Laud, Coros
Jorge Maury Voz, Guitarra, Coros
Artistas Invitados:
Monica Sierra (Moniquita) Voz track 9
Francisco Cespedes (Pancho) Voz track 3
Willy Chirino Voz track 6
Frank Delgado Voz track 8
Carlos Puig Trompeta tracks 5,6,8,10
Agupación Invitada:
Grupo Tiempo Al Tiempo
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira => Cuba
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24856.10 CD $13.98


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