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Javier Vásquez

Aquí Estoy
Import CD (Fuentes/J3 11837), Released 2012;
Produced by José Aguirre
Arranged by José Aguirre
Editor's Pick:
Javier Vásquez is a former lead singer for Grupo Niche and Son de Calí. He has a big pan-Caribbean sound, and big energy too, and I would love a chance to see him perform live. Aqui Estoy, the title track, is a smoldering guajira sandwiched between some very well produced (by trumpeter José Aguirre) salsa. This is a welcomed release, coming out just prior to the death of Grupo Niche originator Jairo Varela. Vásquez sung on one of the best Niche releases, the 1999 Golpe De Folklore. In any event, working with a genious like Varela has most certianly informed Vásquez' musical vocabulary and helped him to define his own chops. With pianist Andrés Gómez, bassists Julio César Valdéz, Luis Alfredo Sandoval, conguero Tito Valencia, timbale players Diego Hernán Mayorga and Diego Vargas, trombonist Richard Stella. Guests: Caliche Sabogal, Jorge Herrera, Alex Stella. Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2012-08-07)
Song titles include:
Beber Para Olvidar 4:49
Mi Vida Sin Ti 4:04
Aquí Estoy 4:47
Necesito Llorar 4:57
A Dónde Fue El Amor 4:44
Hasta Cuándo 4:04
Que No Se Pierda 4:23
Recuerdos Que Duelen 4:12
Vuel Vo A Ti 4:30
Salud 3:42
Musicians include:
Javier Vásquez Voz Líder
Andrés Gómez Piano
Julio César Valdéz, Luis Alfredo Sandoval Bajo
Tito Valencia Congas
Carlos Céspedes Bongó y Campana
Diego Hernán Mayorga, Diego Vargas Timbal
Carlos Guerrero Güiro y Maracas
Wilson Viveros Percusión Folclórica "Hasta Cuándo"
José Aguirre, Francis Garcés Trompetas
Richard Stella Trombones
Hárlinson Lozano Sax Tenor y Soprano
Carlos Guerrero, Alex Torres, Diego Galindo Coros
Artistas Invitados en "Salud"
Caliche Sabogal, Jorge Herrera, Alex Stella
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa Colombia => Colombia
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24866.10 CD $14.98


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