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Ralphy Santi Y Su Conjunto

Homenaje Al Bailador
CD (Muziq Records 010), Released 2012;
Produced by Ernie Acevedo & Augusto Onna
Editor's Pick:
Opening with a reinterpretation of his signature tune, Ansias, here sung by Paquito Guzán, Ralphie Santi is back with a terrific salsa project that includes a whole bunch of guest singers. In addition to Mr. Guzmán, there's Tito Allen, Hector Tricoche, Ray Sepulveda, Nelson "El Varon" Cordero, Choco Orta, Moncho Rivera, Eddie Melendez Y Chuito Dejesus. Man! Produced by Ernie Acevedo (Conjunto Imagen) and Augusto Onna (Joe Quijano Orquesta), this session also features flautist Mauricio Smith Jr., trombonists Angel "Coqui" Lebron and Junior Rivera as well as trumpeters Miguel Rodriguez and Pete Nater.
Listen for Yo No Se, as sung by Eddie Melendez, and Ismael Rivera's El Chivo, interpreted here by his nephew Moncho Rivera - who sounds remarkably like El Sonero Mayor. Tito Allen sounds just great on the rockin' Tiempo De Ayer, and Choco Orta embodies the Cuban conjunto feel on the fiery Sin Clave y Bongo No Hay Son. Perfect... all great stuff here, and Highly Recommended. (BP, 2012-08-08)
Song titles include:
Ansias - Canta: Paquito Guzman
Puerto Rico, Colombia Un Son - Canta: Hector Tricoche
El Lunar - Canta: Ray Sepulveda
Yo No Se - Canta: Eddie Melendez
El Chivo - Canta: Moncho Rivera
Tiempo De Ayer - Canta: Tito Allen
Sin Clave Y Bongo No Hay Son - Canta: Choco Orta
Triste Realidad - Canta: Chuito Dejesus
Cosas De La Vida - Canta: Eddie Melendez
Ese Palo Tiene Jutia - Canta: Nelson "El Varon" Cordero
Oye Mi Cantar - Canta: Eddie Melendez
Musicians include:
Luis Arona, Marcial Caraballo Bajo
Excer Rivera, Ray Fuentes, JR Rivera Piano
Junior Rivera Tres
Ralphy Santi, Louie Montañez, Nelson Roman y Luis "Campana" Hernandez Bongo
Ernie Acevedo, Willie Romero Congas
Ali Bello Violin
Mauricio Smith Jr. Flauta
Jesus "Chuti" Serrano Güiro/Maracas
Augusto Onna, Sammy Rosa, Ernie Acevedo Coros
Miguel Rodriguez, Pete Nater Trompetas
Angel "Coqui" Lebron, JR. Rivera Trombon
Augusto Onna Director Musical
Noel Rosado, Pablito Rosario Session de Plena en Percusion
Artista Invitado:
Choco Orta, Tito Allen, Ray Sepulveda, Paquito Guzman, Hector Tricoche, Moncho Rivera, Eddie Melendez, Chuito Dejesus & Nelson "El Varon" Cordero
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24869.10 CD $14.98


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