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Pa' Mi Pueblo
CD (Charansalsa 176928), Released 2012;
Editor's Pick:
Best of 2012 Award Winner

Terrific charanga-salsa release led by percussionist ldefonso "Pito" Castillo (Adalberto Santiago, Jose Alberto “El Canario,” Bobby Rodriguez y La Compañia, Tito Allen...) and flautist-trombonist Joe De Jesus (Tito Puente, Ray Barretto, Celia Cruz, David Byrne...). Julio Salgado is the lead vocalist (Johnny Ortiz sings, too, on Tu Mago Personal) and he's backed by notable East Coast salsa veterans like violinist Lewis Kahn, Ruben Rodríguez and Luis Mangual Jr. This is solid, sabor-packed dance material rooted in Cuban dance traditions by way of New York, a la the famed Orquesta Broadway. Strong arrangements by Nino Segarra, Joe De Jesus and Rey Crespo, Pa' Mi Pueblo is packed with flute and violin powered jams. Expect a very high percentage of sizzlers like Me Da Risa and Yo Bailo De Todo. José Fajardo's classic La Charanga, complete with John Robinson's killer cello work, brings this rockin' little session to a very satisfying close. Highly Recommended. (BP, 2012-09-11)
Song titles include:
Pa' Mi Pueblo 5:53
Mujer Latina 5:55
Que Boquita Linda 5:55
Tu Mago Personal 4:51
Los Del Son 5:19
Me Da Risa 4:17
Yo Bailo De Todo 4:17
Indecision 5:40
La Charanga 6:14
Musicians include:
Pito Castillo Congas, Claves
Joe De Jesus Flute, Trombones, Coros
Julio Salgado Lead Vocals, Coro, Guiro, Maracas
Johnny Ortiz Lead Vocals en 'Tu Mago Personal' y Coro en'Yo Bailo De Todo'
Frances Castillo Coro
Lewis Kahn Violin
Ina Paris Violin
John Henry Robinson III Violoncello
Eddie Rivera Timbales, Cowbell
Jimmy Figueroa Bongos, Cowbell, Coro
Luis Mangual Jr. Bongos, Cowbell on 'Los Del Son'
Nestor Milanes Piano
Ruben Rodriguez Zorko Baby Bass
Tony Velez Tres en 'Los Del Son y Acoustic Guitar en 'Mujer Latina'
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa/Charanga
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24886.10 CD $12.98


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