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Grupo Arcano

Desde El Otro Lado Del East River
CD (Coqui Jives Music 177950), Released 2012;
Editor's Pick:
Best of 2012 Award Winner

Headed by saxophonist, musical director, and composer, George Velez, Jr., Arcano celebrates the vivacious and brass-driven grooves of salsa music that comes out of the Brooklyn/Queens vicinity of New York. George Velez, Sr. is the primary vocalist, but vocals are also provided by Anthony Almonte and Hector Luis Pagan. The lively rhythms borrow funk, jazz, soul, merengue, and classical qualities that add a higher level of musical complexity to the mix, while staying rooted in salsa simplicities over the eight tracks...
Arcano’s latest album, Desde el otro lado del The East River, presents a rhythmic and energetic approach to American-produced salsa music. The foundational elements of percussion, piano, vocals, and assorted horns provide a perfect mix of salsa swag and style that is not limited to Latin styles, but jazz, funk, and classical elements, too. The downside with salsa music in any performance is too much similarity in the musical compositions. Thankfully, Arcano does not suffer from similitude to any great extent, but it is still worth mentioning. Overall, Arcano presents a satisfying mix of salsa music that is as fiery as a bowl of Habanero salsa.
Review by Matthew Forss, ReviewYou
Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5) (Matthew Forss, 2012-09-16)
Song titles include:
Lluvia Viene
El Travieso Mayor
Esa Mujer
La Maya
Un Tipo Sala'o
Rumba En Mi Barrio
Musicians include:
George Velez Vocals
Anthony Almonte Congas, giro, bata, vocals
Harold Gutierrez Piano, coro
Daniel Diaz Bass
George Velez Jr. Alto sax, coro
Jacob Teichroew Tenor sax
Ricardo Cox Jr. Trumpet
Larry Nissman Trumpet, solos
Mike Engstrom Trombone
Nadav Nirenberg Trombone
Juan Gerena Timbal, bongo, maracas, bata
Guests: Hector Luis Pagan Vocals
Amarilys Velez Coro
Ray Torres Jr. Coro
Fernando Fernandez Coro
Matthew Sanchez Coro
Ryan Resky Trumpet
Abraham Saenz Bass
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-24899.10 CD $13.98


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