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Calixto Oviedo

Beyond Salsa Percussion - DVD
DVD (Timba 34769), Released 2012;
Editor's Pick:
Kevin Moore's Beyond Salsa project is a comprehensive study of the rhythm section in Cuban music, using books, audio tracks and video to teach the history and concepts of piano, bass and congas.
His books on each group of instruments start at the beginning level and cover music from the earliest Cuban recordings around the turn of the 20th Century to the modern "timba" era. Advanced volumes detail the styles of (and are produced with the help of) the greatest living Cuban musicians - figures such as Calixto Oviedo, Pupy Pedroso and Melón Lewis. There are two extensive volumes on drummer/timbalero Calixto Oviedo, (of Pacho Alonso, Adalberto Álvarez and NG La Banda and the Afro-Cuban All-Stars). This DVD combines the video footage from the two volumes on the style of Calixto Oviedo: Beyond Salsa Percussion, Vols. 2 and 3: Basic Rhythms and Timba Gears.
The EXTRAS menu contains additional raw footage from the original 3-day filming sessions, including a third solo and complete performances of the entire arrangements of four classic songs that Calixto recorded with the seminal Cuban timba band, NG La Banda. (label, 2012-11-12)
Category: Instructional => Afro-Latin Percussion => Cuba
Shipping Value: 2
ORDER TL-24951.20 DVD $25.00


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