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Tito Puente

Quatro: The Definitive Collection - Special Limited Edition Oversize Hard-Cover Collector Package, Book And 5 Disks
CD (Sony Music 469882), Released 2012;
Editor's Pick:
His music has united fans from different nationalities and cultures from around the globe. The beloved worldwide music icon lives on in this commemorative and LIMITED EDITION CD Box Set that features four signature landmark albums which truly defined TITO PUENTE.
The set includes:
Five CDs featuring 57 Songs.
Over three hours of music digitally re-mastered from the original recordings
Original cover art (front and back) along with the original liner notes appearing on 'Cuban Carnival', 'Night Beat', 'Dance Mania' and 'Revolving Bandstand'.
The 'Bonus Edition fifth CD features Tito's all time hit single 'Ran Kan Kan', bonus tracks,out-takes and alternate takes.
Features extensive new liner notes covering the era of 1955-1960 plus never before seen photos and memorabilia, along with quotes from...Tony Bennett, Emilio Estefan, Sheila E., Marc Anthony and many more.
A truly amazing and timeless collector's item and keepsake! (BP, 2012-11-13)
Disc: 1 Cuban Carnival (1956)
1. Elegua Chango 2. Cual Es La Idea (What's the Idea) 3. Pa' Los Rumberos (For Dancers) 4. Que Sera (What Is It?) 5. Oye Mi Guaguanco 6. Yambeque (Mambo Yambu) 7. Happy Cha-Cha-Cha 8. Mambo Buda 9. Cha-Cha De Pollos (Cha-Cha for Chicks) 10. Guaguanco Margarito 11. Cuban Fantasy
Disc: 2 Night Beat (1957)
1. Night Beat 2. Mambo Beat 3. Sea Breeze 4. Emerald Beach 5. The Late, Late Scene 6. Carioca 7. Night Ritual 8. Malibu Beat 9. Flying Down To Rio 10. Night Hawk 11. Live A Little
Disc: 3 Dance Mania (1958)
1. El Cayuco 2. Complicacion 3. 3-D Mambo 4. Llego Mijan (Son Montuno) 5. Cuando Te Vea (Guaguanco) 6. Hong Kong Mambo 7. Mambo Gozon 8. Mi Chiquita Quiere Bembe 9. Varsity Drag 10. Estoy Siempre Junto a Ti 11. Agua Limpia Todo 12. Saca Tu Mujer
Disc: 4 Revolving Bandstand (1960)
1. Bahia (Na Baixa Do Sapateiro) 2. I Concentrate On You 3. Autumn Leaves 4. Harlem Nocturne 5. Kiss Of Fire 6. The Continental 7. Blue Moon 8. Temptation 9. So In Love 10. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Disc: 5 Bonus Album, Out-Takes And Alternate Takes (13 Tracks)
1. Ran Kan Kan 2. Timbal Y Bongo 3. Pa' Los Rumberos (Out-Take 1) 4. Pa' Los Rumberos (Out-Take 2) 5. Pa' Los Rumberos (Out-Take 3) 6. Pa' Los Rumberos (Out-Take 4) 7. Pa' Los Rumberos (Out-Take 5) 8. Pa' Los Rumberos (Out-Take 6) 9. Pa' Los Rumberos (Out-Take 7) 10. The Continental (Alternate Take) 11. Blue Moon (Alternate Take) 12. Moonlight in Vermont 13. La Virgen De La Macarena
Song titles include:
Cuban Carnival (Complete Album, 1956)
Night Beat (Complete Album, 1957)
Dance Mania (Complete Album, 1958)
Revolving Bandstand (Complete Album, 1960)
Bonus Album, Out-Takes And Alternate Takes (13 Tracks)
Category: Dance Traditions => Big Band Mambo Jazz
Shipping Value: 13
ORDER TL-24963.10 CD $64.98


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