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Kevin Moore

Beyond Salsa For Beginners - The Cuban Timba Revolution: An Introduction To Latin Music For Dancers And Listeners BOOK
Book (Timba 160934), Released 2012;
Editor's Pick:
Beyond Salsa for Beginners: An Introduction to Latin Music for Dancers and Listeners  is the flagship volume for the sprawling Beyond Salsa  series that includes multi-volume sets of books on each instruments of the Cuban rhythm section: piano, bass, drums, timbales, bongó, congas, clave, ensemble, and so on.
The Listening Tours cover the full history of Cuban music: Afro-Cuban folkloric music, rumba, changüí, comparsa, son, danzón, son montuno, songo, timba, salsa et al. For each genre we have a "highlighted track" - analyzed with time stamps to point out the main features. After a short history of the genre and its place in the overall scheme of things, we have a Further Listening list. The idea is to make a playlist of the highlighted tracks and listen repeatedly to develop an emotional connection with the music before studying the chapter.
Interspersed among the Listening Tours are four Rhythmic Exercises chapters on clapping, counting and singing the basic rhythms on which all of this music is based: clave, the basic dance steps, cinquillo, tresillo, and all the other essential rhythms of Latin music.
After writing over 20 instructional books on Cuban piano, congas, drums, timbales, clave and bass, this is Kevin Moore's first book for non-musicians - listeners, dancers and fans of Latin music. Beyond Salsa alternates between "Listening Tours" (music history, analysis of songs, and record-collecting advice) and Rhythm Exercises chapters with singing, clapping and dancing exercises (including audio files) designed to enhance listening skills.
The four Listening Tours are: I. Pre-Revolution Cuban Popular Music (1900-1959); II. Salsa and Post-Revolution Cuban Popular Music (1959-1989); Timba (1989-2012); and a special section covering Afro-Cuban Folkloric Music, Comparsa, Changüí and Rumba.
The rhythm exercises include the basic rhythms of each instrument, clave, various types of basic dance steps, a section on learning to feel the Latin groove properly, and a special chapter on the problems that new listeners of Afro-Cuban folkloric music sometimes have with hearing the beat and meter correctly. A link is provided for a free audio download with 107 audio files corresponding to the exercises.
Also included are an extensive glossary and a beginners guide to the Spanish language and Cuban slang in music for English-speakers.
248 pages, softcover.
(BP, 2012-11-27)
Category: Instructional => Afro-Latin Percussion => Cuba
Shipping Value: 7
ORDER TL-24967.50 Book $30.00


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