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Tito Nieves

Que Seas Feliz
CD (Top Stop/Sony 300211), Released 2012;
Editor's Pick:
"The Pavarotti of Salsa" has just released his new album, “Que seas feliz.”
The CD includes classics from the Mexican regional genre infused with a contagious salsa beat. “This album was made with a lot of love, so that people can relive, dance to and enjoy these wonderful songs,” said Nieves. This is his first album produced by the label Top Stop Music.
“The Pavarotti of Salsa,” as he is sometimes called, said that the album will be a very special present to his fans because it includes some of the best-loved Latin songs of all time. The album will be Nieves’ first production with Top Stop Music and its award-winning producer, Sergio George.
The CD includes well-known ballads of the Mexican regional genre, some of them made popular by Latin America’s biggest stars. But Nieves adds a new twist to these classics, turning some of them into electrifying salsa arrangements that are sure to delight his fans.
“The album was made with a lot of love, so that people can relive, dance to and enjoy these wonderful songs.” This is particularly true of “Que Seas Feliz,” a favorite romantic ballad written by Consuelo Velázquez and immortalized by Mexican superstar Luis Miguel. Nieves’ version stays faithful to the original arrangement, while at the same time infusing it with contagious salsa sounds.
(label, 2012-12-13)
Song titles include:
Que Seas Feliz 4:01
De Que Manera Te Olvido 4:12
Cielo Rojo 4:39
Cruz Del Olvido 4:44
Un Mundo Raro 3:57
Echame A Mi La Culpa 4:12
Entrega Total 4:00
Paloma Querida 4:33
Musicians include:
Tito Nieves Voz
Julian Arias Piano
Sergio George Piano
Diego Gale Conga, timbal, bongo
Javier Aponza Trompeta
Danny Jimenez Trompeta
Morist Jimenez Trombon
William Paredes Trombon
Charlie Andrade, Carlos Llamosa, David Cart, George Valencia Coros
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-25008.10 CD $12.98


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