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Ismael Miranda

Este Es Ismael
CD (Fania 480), Released 1975;
Produced by Johnny Pacheco & Ismael Miranda
Editor's Pick:
Limited quantities.
Arguably Miranda’s last album of all around classic material, Este Es Ismael contains some very intense Cuban-styled burners, as well as an authentic Puerto Rican-sounding number with plena flavors, a humorous cover of a merengue by Wilfrido Vargas that lampoons many of Miranda’s fellow salseros, and even a neo-tango version of the bar room tear-jerker, "La Copa Rota," made famous by José Feliciano in the same era. Miranda, known as the “pretty boy” of salsa, is presented on the album cover and back as a romantic idol, but for the most part, this is a misrepresentation, as the diversity of material, coupled with the authentic sounds, overall intensity, and seriousness of the recording belies this marketing approach. Amazing that he was only 25 when he and Pacheco cut this collection; for my money, "María Luisa" and "La Cosa No Es Como Antes" stand right up there with his best songs. I always play "Madre" when it’s Mothers Day at the club, and "Cipriano Armenteros" is a great piece of art-salsa, benefiting as it does from the poetry (and backing vocals) of the great Rubén Blades. Highly Recommended. (Pablo Yglesias, 2015-03-28)
Song titles include:
La Cosa No Es Comos Antes 3:29
Puerto Abandonado 3:43
Yo No Me Quejo 2:24
Cipriano Abmenteros 5:28
Madre 6:18
Maria Luisa 4:43
En Mi Viejo San Juan 3:59
Si La Muerte Pisa Mi Huerto 2:39
La Copa Rota 3:11
Recordando 5:03
Musicians include:
Jose Santiago Bass
Willie Mullens Piano
Vinnie Bell Guitar
Dominique Cortese Accordian
Jorge Millet Bells, chimes
Nicky Marrero Timbales
Jose Mangual Bongos
Frankie Rodriguez Conga
Richie Fernandez Trumpet
Hector Zarzuela Trumpet
Leopoldo Pineda Trombone
Reinaldo Jorge Trombone
Ismael Miranda Maracas, guiro, & percussion
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa: Classic 1960s Or 1970s New York
Shipping Value: 1
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