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Eddie Palmieri

Justice / Justicia
CD (Fania Codigo 509136), Released 1969; Re-Issued 2012
Produced by George Goldner
Editor's Pick:
"Classic Palmieri work exhibiting R&B tendencies and the accompaniment of one of his best bands." (Rudolph Mangual, 98/99 Catalog)
Here's an excerpt from the excellent liner notes by Aurora Flores...
A transitional period for both “El Rumbero Del Teclado” Eddie Palmieri and the society that was changing, 1969 marked historical timelines that transformed nations. Hundreds of thousands were already taking to the streets in protest of a controversial war. Woodstock became the counter culture concert with half a million hippies and flower children taking center stage on the news. Richard Nixon was elected President while Easy Rider premiered in the movies. The NY Mets won the World Series while the black Brazilian, “Pelé” made worldwide headlines. 747 jets made their debut in the skies. The Beatles released their last recording together while John & Yoko conducted a “bed-in” for the media. Jennifer Lopez was born 1969, the same year that NASA put the first man on the moon.
Back on earth, a young Eddie Palmieri was tormented. Featured on the left hand cover of this groundbreaking recording wearing a knit sweater, cross-legged with his head in his hands, Eddie gives us music that comes from this time of transition. A thinking man’s musician, Eddie was one of the first to enter the penitentiaries bringing free music to the forgotten. He marched with Cesar Chavez and played benefits for his and many other organizations. He was among the first to record live from the student campus of Puerto Rico and played many fund-raisers for activists that had impact on an awakening Latino community. While the swing and funky dance formats remain in tact, Eddie takes us one step further nurturing our minds with messages of activism within the soul quenching musical waters that in this recording, also remind us of our history in both Puerto Rico and Cuba with Rafael Hernandez’ “Amor Ciego” and Ignacio Piñero’s “Lindo Yambu”... (DR, 2012-04-13)
Song titles include:
Justicia 5:58
Interlude (Nelson My Brother) 0:34
Amor Ciego 5:52
Lindo Yambu 6:29
My Spiritual Indian 6:38
Everything Is Everything 4:40
Somewhere 0:23
Verdict On Judge Street 11:19
Somewhere 2:38
Musicians include:
Ismael Quintana Vocals
Eddie Palmieri Piano, leader
Lewis Kahn Trombone
Jose Rodriguez Trombone
Mark Weinstein Trombone
Julien Priester Trombone
Armando "Chocolate" Armentero Trumpet
Bob Bianco Guitar
David Hersher Bass
Lawrence Evans Bass on "Verdict.."
Nick Marrero Percussion, timbales
Robert Thomas Drums on "Verdict.."
Francisco Aquabella Conga
Chino Pozo Conga, bongos
Ray Romero Conga, bongos
Manny Oquendo Bongos
Roberto Franquiz Claves
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa: Classic 1960s Or 1970s New York
Shipping Value: 1
ORDER TL-5156.10 CD $13.98


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