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Justo Betancourt

Pa Bravo Yo
CD (Fania Codigo 509133), Released 1972; Re-Issued 2012
Produced by Larry Harlow
Editor's Pick:
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"Even though it's only 2 minutes long, Óyeme Cantar makes this album worth the price. Justo absolutely slays it on that track. It should be required listening for all aspiring soneros. It's not just about what he says, it will be the riffs after the first mambo that will give you goosebumps-pure Matanzas soul. The setup here is fairly simple, a couple of trumpets, piano, bass and percussion. But what a great sound out of a simple setup. Justo shines on the title track, does a nice job on boleros like Psicología, slips into a nice guajira (that sounds suspiciously like a son montuno), then charges back at you with Caracas Tiene Su Guaguancó. If you don't have this one in your collection, hurry up and grab it before your diehard salsero friends find out and clown you. And if you don't like it, check yourself-I hear that not liking this album may be a sign that your favorite jazz artist is Kenny G and that you think Michael Bolton really is a good opera singer, all of which are strong indications that you are a cultural vacuum. If this is the case, your penance is buying a bottle of Bacardí and drinking it with this album cranked until you understand how great it is." (Abel Delgado, 98/99 Catalog)

"Justo's big hit record...and the others ain't bad either." (Phil Riggio, 98/99 Catalog) (DR, 2012-03-27)
Song titles include:
Pa Bravo Ya 3:42
Psicologia 3:01
Guajira Sentimental 4:26
Una Audiencia Muerta 3:19
Caracas Tiene Su Guaguanco 3:05
Oyeme Cantar 3:25
Lagrimas Y Tristezas 2:44
Guaguanco 'ta Moderno 3:27
Adios Felicidad 3:26
Cataņo 3:02
Musicians include:
Victor Paz Trumpet
Emilio Arazena Trumpet
Jose Rodriguez Trombone
Andy Gonzalez Bass
Victor Venegas Bass
Jerry Gonzalez Conga
Nicky Marrero Timbales
Charlie Santiago Timbales
Roberto Roena Bongos
Chino Pozo Bongos
Harry Viliano Tres
Charlie Rodriguez Tres
Alfredito Rodriguez Piano
Ismael Miranda Maracas
Yayo El Indio Coro
Adalberto Santiago Coro
Antar Daly Coro
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa: Classic 1960s Or 1970s New York
Shipping Value: 1
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