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Cheo Feliciano

Sentimiento Tu
CD (Musica Latina Fania 95), Released 1980;
Produced by Cheo Feliciano
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The title, “Sentimiento, tu” , corresponds to one of Feliciano’s trademark phrases often used in his improvisations. It also is indicative of the album’s content. The songs in “Sentimiento, tu” are sung with, and are about, sentimiento (feelings). Most of the compositions in this recording were by the legendary composer Tite Curet Alonso (1926-2003), someone who shared Feliciano’s sentimiento for the people. Feliciano, with the help of Alonso, was able to deliver provocative songs of solidarity without the need of an explicit moral or political message. For example, the song “Juan Albañil” is about a brick layer who can't afford to live in the homes and condominiums that he constructs due to their high prices and society’s sociological prejudices. “Sobre Una Tumba Humilde” compares the mourning of a poor family to that of a wealthy one. The poor cannot afford an engraved marble headstone but does offer a genuine and humble “sentimiento” represented in the song as a flor de llanto (a “flower of tears”). “Lamentación Campesina” is a story about the jíbaro (the rural and poor Puerto Rican)... Feliciano’s versatility as a singer, as well as his street flavor and ability to improvise, are all evident in “Sentimiento, tu” The fact that Feliciano was a percussionist at an early age must have something to with the mastery of rhythm he developed with his voice. “Sentimiento, tu” was the culmination of an important period in Feliciano’s musical career—and it is still one of his best.
- Dr. Gregory Pappas (Press, 2014-06-03)
Song titles include:
Juan Albañil 6:08
Amada Mia 4:44
Sobre Una Tumba Humilde 5:28
Cuento Numero Uno 5:09
Sali Porque Sali 5:42
Lamentacion Campesina 4:47
Castillos De Arena 4:30
Noche Sensacional 5:22
Musicians include:
Papo Lucca Piano
Luis Garcia Tres, cuatro
Roberto Roena Percussion
Papo Pepin Percussion
Cuqui Santos Timbales
Efrain Hernandez Bajo
Oscar Colon Drums
Pete El Conde Rodriguez Maracas, coro
Mario Cruz Guitarras
Juancito Torres Flugelhorn, trompeta
Roberto Jimenez Flauta
Victor Candelaria Trombon
Ralphy Torres Trombon
Hector Maldonado Trombon
Sal Cuevas Guitarra
Luis Ramirez Vibrafono
Mario Cora Coro
Cheo Quiñones Coro
Yanira Torres, Lourdes Robles Vocals, and others...
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
Shipping Value: 1
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