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Abel Delgado
"Abel Delgado was born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While his father and aunt sang, and his brother plays percussion, Abel himself has never played or done anything musical and can, in fact, barely tap out clave. This may lead you to take his acerbic reviews with a grain of salt the size of a boulder, and you are certainly welcome to do just that. In terms of knowing about Latin music, Abel's biggest qualification is that he buys a lot of it. His Latin music record collection spans over 1000 vinyl LPs and about 500 CDs by everybody from Sexteto Habanero to Los Van Van. His second biggest qualification is that he never has nor will buy an album by the Spice Girls, Celine Dion or Kenny G. Abel also thinks that John Tesh is evil and must be stopped, which is another important qualification to note. He loves Latin music from every era except for the present, mainly because of the cookie-cutter salsa sounds and the fact that no-talents like Jerry Rivera make a lot of money. However, Abel does like modern Cuban music very much because it offers surprises while maintaining the raw energy that is the essence of this music. He realizes that people may think he's ethnocentric because of this, but he doesn't care. Oh, yeah, he makes a living editing health and fitness books for Rodale Press in Emmaus, Pennsylvania."

Here are some reviews by Abel Delgado

Bebo Valdes, Mucho Sabor
CD (Essential Media 15912),Re-Issued 2008;
Alabao, what an album!!! This is the classic Cuban sound from start to finish. The great Pío Leyva is on vocals for a lot of these tunes, and what a groove these guys cooked up. Merengues No, in addition to being my anthem in life (my other anthem is "Techno is one of the warning signs of the Apocalypse", but that's another story), is a great uptempo guaracha. Bebo's version of the tune Celia made famous, Canto a La Habana, is excellent in its own right, with a rollicking arrangement and another great vocal by Pío. Other standout tunes include Tirando Tiro, a classic 50s simple song with a dubious message (hey bartender, give me more rum) and great music behind it, plus Pon Por Mí, another nice guaracha, and the pretty boleros Insensible Corazón and El Destino lo Quiso Así. This is by far my favorite Bebo album, and a must for serious collectors.
Category: Dance Traditions => Tropical Dance: Various=> Cuba
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Tito Rodriguez, Back Home In Puerto Rico
CD (WS Latino 4177),Re-Issued 1989;
"This is another recording that merits an ¡alabao! At first, you'll probably only notice how Tito's smooth vocals caress economically written, melodically-rich numbers like Chévere, Cara de Payaso and Cuando Cuando, not to mention his usual stellar work on the boleros. But after a while, you'll notice that his band, which on this recording features a young Eddie Palmieri, is playing the hell out of this finely arranged material, with crisp, precise percussion breaks and flowing horn lines. This is required listening for all neophytes. And if you know this music and don't own this album, your penance is to buy this album and do some salsa soul-searching to find out where you've gone wrong."
Category: Dance Traditions => Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Pachanga
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