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David Peñalosa
"One of David's earliest drumming memories is of playing his mother's pots and pans like drums at age two, but he began his study of Afro-Cuban music while an aspiring jazz musician in college. Once his hands made contact with the skin of a conga drum his musical orientation switched to clave based music, and practicing became a matter of compulsion rather than discipline. David is a native of California. For many years, he has been one of the primary teachers of Afro-Cuban percussion in the area of Northern California, known as the "Lost Coast," where he lives. He is a drum instructor at the annual Afro-Cuban Dance and Drum workshop at Humboldt State University, which attracts internationally renowned practitioners of folkloric music such as Ana Pérez and Jesus Alphonso as instructors. He is the vice-president of Bembé Records, which is dedicated to the release of Afro-Cuban music. "I am interested primarily in Afro-Cuban music," says David. "Within this genre, my focus is spread among the three categories of (1) Afro-Cuban folkloric (drums and songs), (2) popular dance (son Cubano, songó, salsa, etc. and (3) Afro-Cuban jazz (also known as Latin jazz). Some of my favorite recordings are the ones which combine all three of these categories.""

Here are some reviews by David Peñalosa

Irakere, Homenaje A Beny More
CD (Universal/Pimienta 360738),Released 1989;Re-Issued 2005;
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"This is Cuba's supergroup. They can play the funkiest danceable songo or the hottest jazz. Led by 'Chucho' Valdez, Irakere continues to reside in a class all their own. They have so many great records it's hard to pick a favorite. I chose this one because of the high sound quality. This is dance music but it's very jazzy at the same time.
(David Peñalosa, 94/95 Catalog)
Category: Latin Jazz => Afro-Cuban Jazz=> Cuba
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Various Artists, Fiesta Santera Lucumí: Tambores Batá
CD (La Flor/Santero 108),
Back in the "old days," this record was one of the few sources of Lucumi music available in the United States. No doubt, this CD will provide some nostalgic enjoyment for those who remember hearing this when it was in LP form. At the time of this recording (probably late 50's or early 60's), Julito Collazo was one of the very few batá drummers in the US. Julito and Patato are featured drummers on Fiesta Santera. (David Peñalosa '99 Catalog)

[Part of a series of Santeria related material originally on LP in the '50s and '60s that have been crudely converted to CD, so don't expect hi-fi sound here. Despite the obvious shortcomings (you can hear the original vinyl crackles etc.) there are some significant recordings here. Check out the entire Santero-Espiritual series... - BP]
Category: Folkloric => Rumba And/Or Santeria/Lucumi=> Cuba
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Arsenio Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto, Arsenio Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto, Vol. 1
CD (Ansonia 1337),
"Arsenio revolutionized the Cuban son and laid down a standard that still exists today. Modern day salsa owes its very existence to this man's innovations. If you haven't heard Arsenio's music yet, it may strike you as 'old-fashioned,' but just as with the be-bop recordings of Charlie Parker, this music is timeless."
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira=> Cuba
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Batacumbele, En Aquellos Tiempos
CD (Disco Hit 1693),Released 1991;
"Puerto Rican based Batacumbele played a jazzy style of songo. There's something for everybody here. The rhythm section is dense but because of the high production quality of this recording you can hear everyone clearly. Definitely a 'monster band' with musicians such as 'Cachete' (percussion), Giovanni Hidalgo (congas), Anthony Carillo (bongos), Papo Vasquez (trombone)."
Category: Latin Jazz => Afro-Caribbean Folklore/Jazz
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Carlos 'Patato' Valdes, Patato Y Totico
CD (Verve 86244),Released 1968;Re-Issued 2004;
"Totico (lead vocals), Patato (congas), Arsenio Rodriguez (tres guitar), Cachao (bass). This is classic rumba, with a couple of Abakuas thrown in for good measure; Recorded in the early 70s , this was Arsenios last recording before he died. The performances are raw and rather unpolished, but the groove is deep."
Category: Folkloric => Rumba And/Or Santeria/Lucumi=> Cuba
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Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Live In Havana
CD (Universal/Pimienta 360660),Released 1987;
"This young Cuban pianist has 'chops' that just won't quit. This is Afro-Cuban jazz directly from Cuba itself. Rubacalba isn't the only virtuoso present here. Check out percussionist Roberto Vizcaino. You can feel the energy of this live performance."
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz
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Jerry Gonzalez, Rumba Para Monk - Jerry Gonzalez & Fort Apache Band
CD (Sunnyside SSC1036D),Released 1989;
"I would recommend any CD by this group. This is the state of the art of Afro-Cuban jazz. It has uncompromising jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythm, a true hybrid. Andy Gonzalez proves that a bass doesn't have to 'walk' in jazz. His jazz tumbaos are impeccable."
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz
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Mongo Santamaria, Afro Roots
CD (Prestige 24018),Released 1958;
"Mongo made his mark blending African-American jazz and funk with Afro-Cuban rhythms. 'Afro Roots' shines as an example of Mongo's genius, plus the awesome talents of Armando Peraza, Francisco Aguabella, Willie Bobo, Chombo Silva, Paul Horn and Al McKibbon."
Category: Folkloric => Afro-Caribbean Folklore/Jazz=> Cuba
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Tito Puente, Top Percussion
CD (BMG/Tropical Series 3264),Released 1957;Re-Issued 1993;
"Tito has had many records featuring mambos, salsa and Latin jazz, some of which are true classics. However, I've selected 'Top Percussion' because it exposes Tito's mastery of timbales. If you love hearing bongos, congas and timbales improvising, this is the CD for you. Also featured here are some tasty renditions of folkloric bembe and yesa. Personnel include Mongo Santamaria, Julito Collazo, Francisco Aguabella and Willie Bobo."
Category: Dance Traditions => Big Band Mambo Jazz
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Totico, Totico Y Sus Rumberos
CD (Montuno 515),Re-Issued 1992;
"Recorded in New York City, this is probably the best produced rumba CD available. Each performance was obviously well rehearsed. One bonus is the addition of Andy Gonzalez on acoustic bass. Bass is not a typical instrument of rumba of course, but Mr. Gonzalez plays in a manner so much 'in the feel' that his contribution seems right at home."
Category: Folkloric => Rumba And/Or Santeria/Lucumi=> Cuba
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