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Chico Alvarez
"Chico Alvarez was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has been a commercial artist most of his life. He has also been involved professionally in the music business for over twenty-five years, first as a percussionist and then as a vocalist. He has also composed some pretty good tunes and done some arranging. For the past nine years, he has presented a very unique program to the New York City metropolitan area. It is known as the "New World Gallery." This mixed music format airs every Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. over WBAI, a non-commercial radio station located at 99.5 on the FM dial. "I'm a Pisces, which means most of the time I don't know what I want," says Chico. "Part of my time is devoted to straight-ahead jazz, other times R & B, and a great deal of the time I'm into Latin jazz. But my real love is Cuban music. As a kid, growing up in Oriente, it's all I listened to. It's my passion.""

Here are some reviews by Chico Alvarez

John Santos, Machete - John Santos And The Machete Ensemble
CD (Xenophile/Green Linnet 4029),Released 1995;
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"A wonderful collaboration by some of the West Coast's best musicians, as well as unforgettable performances by Cachao, Choco and Anthony. " (Chico Alvarez, 96/97 Catalog)
Category: Folkloric => Afro-Caribbean Folklore/Jazz=> Cuba
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Arturo Sandoval, I Remember Clifford
CD (GRP/BMG 9668),Released 1992;Re-Issued 1992;
"The swinging feel, the beautiful tone and the emotionally-packed phrasing are just a few of the ingredients that characterize Sandoval's playing on what is probably his only 'straight ahead' outing. (Did I leave out his incredible technique and sensitivity?)"
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz
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Israel "Cachao" Lopez, Master Sessions, Volume 1
CD (Crescent Moon/Epic 64320),Released 1994;
"The title says it all. Just one more example of the immense contribution of this elder statesman to Cuban and Latin music. 'Descarga Cubana' still kicks ass!"
Category: Dance Traditions => Descargas/Mambo=> Cuba
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Jane Bunnett, Spirits Of Havana
CD (Universal/Pimienta 160526),Released 1992;
"Jane Bunnet is dazzling! And not quite by coincidence has she surrounded herself with some of Cuba's top musicians. She has truly captured the 'Spirits of Havana.' A must!
Category: Latin Jazz => Afro-Cuban Jazz=> Cuba
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Michel Camilo, Rendevous
CD (Sony 53754),Released 1993;
"This is Michel Camilo's shining hour. The Dominican born pianist is in top form and the production is of an exceptionally high caliber."
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz
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Ray Barretto, Hot Hands: Ancestral Messages & Taboo 2 -CD Set
CD (Concord Picante 2177),Released 1993;Re-Issued 2003;
"The veteran conguero and bandleader continues his trek down "the other road. On this trip he is joined by the young titans of contemporary Afro-Cuban jazz."
Category: Latin Jazz => Latin Jazz
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Vocal Sampling, Una Forma Mas
CD (Sire/Warner Brothers 61792),Released 1995;
"A cappella singing and much more. In a relatively short time, these five young men have achieved what can only be described as 'superstar' status. Internationally renowned, they have the distinction of being classified as 'legends in their own time.'"
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira=> Cuba
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