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Al Angeloro
"Al Angeloro is a radio programmer and disc jockey and the first to do an in-depth show featuring an all African/Caribbean (World) format on American radio. He is rejoining "Mahoghany Tableaux," a World music television/video show on TIme Warner. He is also returning to the radio in New York City in February of 1998. He toured Cuba two years ago with the Haitian Vodou rock band "Ram" and the Cuban Santero rock band "Sintesis." The tour was called "Encuentro de raices," literally a "meeting of the roots.""

Here are some reviews by Al Angeloro

Chuito Velez Y Su Super Orquesta, Si Pancha Plancha
CD (Mary Lou 132),Re-Issued 1997;
"This was the house band for the famous Club Caborojeno of Broadway and 145th Street. It was there that the band's bass player 'doubled on vocals.' His name was Adalberto Santiago."
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
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Conjunto Yumuri, La Paella
CD (SAR/Guajiro 8003),Released 1991;
"From a series of Miami sessions released under different names comes this masterpiece of Cuban funk featuring Jorge Cabrera on tres and Cachao on bass. Check out the traditional nasal 'voz de vieja' chorus and the swinging lead vocals."
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira=> Cuba
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Cortijo Y Su Combo, Time Machine
CD (Musical Productions 6212),Re-Issued 1997;
"Cortijo's most complex album branding him with that most unfortunate sobriquet 'ahead of his time.' This one mixes Puerto Rican plena y bomba with calypso and other pan-Caribbean rhythms, jazz and Brazilian carnival music. A joy to listen to if at times hard to dance to. Brilliant."
Category: Folkloric => Plena/Bomba=> Puerto Rico
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El Trio San Juan, Lo Mejor
CD (WS Latino 4066),Released 1967;Re-Issued 1997;
"From the great era of trios when Mexico dominated came this trio, originally featuring Johnny Albino as lead. Albino went to Mexico during this time to lead the world's most famous trio--Los Panchos. Note the brilliant second voice and guitar of Chago Alvarado. Puerto Rico's most enduring trio. "
Category: Bolero => Bolero / Balada
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Francisco Buckley "Bush", Lo Mejor De Bush Y Su Nuevo Sonido
CD (Salsa International/Epoca 001),Re-Issued 1996;
"A must for collectors of charanga. To my knowledge, Panama's only charanga."
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa International=> Panama
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José Miguel Class, El Gallito De Manatí
CD (Ansonia 1396),
"A jibaro performer who had a very bluesy approach to Puerto Rican jibaro music, including the flamenco based mapelle. He also recorded some strong Mexican huapangoes. Amidst these are some of the most 'down home' jibaro Christmas recordings."
Category: Bolero => Bolero / Balada=> Puerto Rico
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Orquesta Broadway, Charangas! The Best Of Orquesta Broadway
CD (WS Latino 4181),Released 1995;
"Founded in Washington Heights in 1962, this Orquesta is still playing the local clubs. Listen here to 'Moanga,' originally recorded by the late Congolese vocalist Franklin Boukaka in his native lingala."
Category: Dance Traditions => Charanga
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Orquesta Neno Gonzalez, Charangas: Sabrosura
CD (WS Latino 4095),Released 1957;Re-Issued 1995;
"A piano led charanga, it featured the exceptional flute of Pancho Bravo. Check out the Eddie Palmieri covers."
Category: Dance Traditions => Charanga=> Cuba
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Rafael Alers Y Su Orquesta, Danzas, Vol. 1 - Bajo Las Sombras De Un Pino
CD (Ansonia 1247),
"Charlie Palmieri told me that the national classical sound of Puerto Rico has a lot of Scott Joplin in it. 'Recuerdos de borinquen,' a de facto anthem, is a lyrical and beautiful piece of music."
Category: Dance Traditions => Danzas=> Puerto Rico
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Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, En Fiesta Navideña
CD (Disco Hit 1370),Released 1965;Re-Issued 1994;
"The one Christmas album everyone must have. I believe it has always been in print since its original release on the old Fonseca label on Smith Street in Brooklyn."
Category: Latin Soul/Boogaloo => Latin Soul, Boogaloo
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Senén Suárez Y Su Conjunto Del Tropicana Night-Club, Guaguancó Callejero
CD (Tumbao 048),Re-Issued 1994;
"If you miss the six string electric guitar in Cuban dance music, this is your chance."
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira=> Cuba
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Trio Matamoros, La China En La Rumba
CD (Tumbao 39),Re-Issued 1994;
"In my opinion, the most influential of all Cuban styles of dance music...the guitar son of Oriente. Matamoros engendered copies all over South America (see Sonero Clasico del Caribe, Venezuela and Los Ajihados, Dominican Republic) and also the 'Siwel' sound of Haiti, most notably Coupe Cloue. And, of course, Africa--from Congo to Senegal to Tanzania. All you need do is just listen, it all becomes apparent."
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira=> Cuba
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