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Vicki Solá
"Vicki Solá has been the host and producer of "Que Viva La Música" since 1984. This weekly Saturday afternoon radio program, which can be heard on Fairleigh Dickinson University's radio station, WFDU-FM, broadcasts to the greater New York/New Jersey metropolitan listening area. Solá features "straight-ahead salsa," Latin jazz, and interviews with musicians--especially up and coming artists trying to break in new material and local artists who are playing around town. Solá is strongly committed to giving exposure to these artists because they are the vital links in the music's chain of survival. Vicki says, "Because of the inherent inspirational energy it possesses and brings forth, I favor what I call 'straight-ahead salsa,' or 'música gorda.' When speaking of 'fat music,' I mean music where the arrangements contain a full sound--substantial horn sections, in particular, with a utilization of all of the highs, lows, and midrange capabilities of these instruments. Harmony and contrast, working together with, and within, the prescribed rhythmic format, a rhythm that is not just "thrown over" a ballad or standard to call it 'salsa' or 'Latin jazz.' It is exciting to note that, today, there are many musicians bringing forth 'música gorda,' and I can scarcely schedule them fast enough to guest on my program. "

Here are some reviews by Vicki Solá

Conjunto Imagen, Por Amor A Ti... ***
CD (Platano 5041 (OS4 Limited)),Released 1995;
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"Ernie Acevedo's Imagen is another one of New York City's treasures. This dynamic band always sounds as tight in person as they do on their recordings, and they really deserve so much more credit than they have received to date. 'No Puedo Mas,' 'Esa Mujer,' and 'Huracan De Amor' swing seriously. " (Vicki Solá, 98/99 Catalog)
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
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La Charanga America, Charanga America
CD (Andale 547887),Released 2014;
"George and Margie Maysonet's Charanga America has long been considered to be one of New York City's treaures. Willie Amadeo's fine vocal talents, along with renowned violinist Eddie Drennon and 'The Professor,' pianist Joe Torres, demonstrate why New Yorkers have been so possessive of this fabulous charanga orchestra."
Category: Dance Traditions => Cha Cha Cha, Charanga, Danzon
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Bobby Valentin, Symbol Of Prestige
CD (Bronco 166),Released 1996;
"Valentin delivers his usual energy and excellence in this CD which sports a bass-shaped swimming pool on its cover. (Now, this pool could have been trumpet-shaped and those valves would have been real hard to swim around...) Anyway, a new female vocalist, Marima, is introduced and there are some real smoking numbers to check out, including 'Como No Creer En Dios?,' the timely 'Amor De Fax,' the hot 'Daria Cualquier Cosa,' and Tito Rodriguez's 'Yo Soy Tu Dolor.' Recently, I asked Bobby if he really had a pool like that, and he answered matter-of-factly, 'Of course.'"
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa=> Puerto Rico
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Manny Oquendo Y Libre, Mejor Que Nunca / Better Than Ever
CD (Milestone 9226),Released 1994;
"Libre represents a cultural cornerstone. Their two most recent releases, including this one, were long awaited treats. Manny Oquendo, Andy Gonzalez, and the rest of the band give their classic treatment to 'I Want You' and 'Alabanciosa.'"
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
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Marvin Santiago, With Bobby Valentin — Donde Lo Dejamos
CD (Bronco 163),Released 1992;
"Two giants--the man with the gravel voice and 'El Rey del Bajo'--teamed up for this effort, bringing out the best in each other. 'Detras De Ese Disfraz' and 'Me Voy Pa'l Campo a Vivir' are sure to please."
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa=> Puerto Rico
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Mongo Santamaria, Mongo Introduces La Lupe
CD (Milestone 9210),Released 1963;Re-Issued 1993;
"The emotional fallout may leave you paradoxically exhausted and invigorated. The sometimes heartrending stylings of La Lupe, her versatility and her unrealized potential are all evident in this classic collaboration with Mongo."
Category: Latin Jazz => Afro-Cuban Jazz=> Cuba
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Orquesta Broadway, Yo Quiero Ser Tu Juguete
CD (WS Latino 4182),
"Numbers like 'Sibanicu' and 'Yolanda, Deme Que Si,' explain Orquesta Broadway's longevity in the business, and why this band, which personifies charanga, remains so well loved."
Category: Dance Traditions => Charanga
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Richie Cabo, Mi Paisaje Musical
CD (Combo 2106),Released 1994;
"We have here eight tracks of impeccably executed and extremely danceable 'straight-ahead salsa,' with arrangements by Paquito Pastor, José Febles, Martin Arroyo and Oscar Hernandez."
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
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Richie Cabo, Mi Paisaje Musical
CD (Combo 2106),Released 1994;
"This new artist deserves much more recognition than he has received to date. This tight, dynamic band plays arrangements by Paquito Pastor, José Febles, Martin Arroyo and musical director Oscar Hernandez. All eight tracks are hit material."
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
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Son 14, Cubania - Son 14 With Tiburón
CD (Tumi 65),Released 1997;
"Lázaro Rosabal's entourage swings mercilessly here, and I've had tremendous audience response after airing 'Que Mala Corriente.' This is authentic hardcore salsa that lends itself to being played over and over again. "
Category: Salsa/Son => Son, Guaracha, Guajira=> Cuba
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Tito Gomez, Agradecimiento
CD (Musical Productions 571042),Released 1993;
"Gomez here typifies the hard-edged contemporary sound that I and so many of my listeners enjoy. 'Para Volver A Querer,' 'Viernes Social,' and 'En Secreto' are a sampling of hits that dancers will want to hear again and again."
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa
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Willie Rosario, Viva Rosario!
CD (Bronco 158),Re-Issued 1996;
"Willie's machine is always mean and this release features a lot of 'fat music.' There is horn work by masters Elias Lopes and Mario Ortiz, and Luis Quevedo shines on keyboard and vibes. Outstanding selections include 'Ya No Lo Hago Mas,' 'Falso Amor,' 'Duda,' and the commercially successful 'Anuncio Classificado/Damelo,' which is infectious. (a word you won't run across in that song's lyrics!)"
Category: Salsa/Son => Salsa=> Puerto Rico
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