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Power Search

Exact Match: yes no
Partial String Search: yes no

Note: Our improved search engine now returns complete results whether a letter is accented or not in our database. You need not bother to enter any accented letters in your search word or phrase. Your search results will still be complete.

Search Tip 1
If you're not sure how to spell something, type in the portion of the name or phrase that you are sure of and select Partial String Search. For example, a customer was looking for any CD where Bobby Valentin plays bass. He wasn't sure if Valentin had an "e" on the end, so he simply entered Bobby Val, selected Partial String Search and got the results he needed.

Search Tip 2
Select Exact Match for an exact phrase. With Exact Match off a search for Nelson Gonzalez may select items that include Nelson Rodriguez and Celina Gonzalez -- not necessarily what you might want. To be sure to get the right result, search for Nelson Gonzalez with Exact Match on. Note: In some cases, you may purposely choose to turn off Exact Match. Example: Lets say I wanted to locate all recordings where Hector Lavoe sings "Periodico de Ayer" and "El Cantante." I'd just type in lavoe periodico cantante and it would select any items that contains all three words. If I would have had Exact Match on then I wouldn't have gotten any results because the phrase "lavoe periodico cantante" does not exist in our data!

Mega Search
Scan our entire database by entering any keywords. This will give you the most results. In our opinion, the Mega Search is the most fun to use because it will often return many unexpected surprises relevant to your search. Use this search to look up an artist, sideman, instrument - ie "flute," year...anything at all. See what comes up! A customer of ours wanted specifically Cuban son that featured the tres guitar. He plugged in tres cuba and found a wealth of great material.

Artist Search
Search by artist or band. This will look for the "main" artist only, so your search will be limited accordingly. If you're looking for a sideman, use Mega Search. Use Browse by Artist to find an exact name, or to discover some you might not have thought to look for!

Title Search
Search for a specific title of an item. This will look for the item's title only so, again, your search will be limited accordingly.

Song Search
Search for a specific song here. You may enter a part of the song title if that is all you remember.

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